The projects on this page are broadly classified under 2 categories:

  1. Robotics: Projects and codes that are, in some way, broadly related to robotics and robotics reasearch that I pursue.
  2. Software: Other software that are usually applications, such as command-line applications or web applications, that I've built. These are software that are not related to robotics/research and are things I like to build as a tinkerer.


  1. QTMWrapper: A toolkit to enable autonomous systems integration with Qualisys motion capture measurements.
    • Tools: Python (multithreading, asyncio)
  2. crazypaths: A command-line interface (CLI) for path planning quadrotor trajectories using motion capture positioning in the high-level control loop.
    • Tools: Python, Git
  3. 2DOF Antenna Vectoring: Programs that calculate azimuth and elevation angles for positioning a tracker towards a UAV based on GPS data.
    • Tools: Python, NodeMCU (ESP32), socket
  4. ROS Navigation Templates: Templates for developing controller and navigation nodes using the ROS Navigation Stack.
    • Tools: Python, ROS Melodic
  5. Edhitha UAS: A competitive student team that I was a part of (and eventually led) during my undergraduate studies. The team develops UAVs for autonomous navigation, imagery, obstacle avoidance, and other interdisciplinary objectives.


  1. Password Manager CLI: A command-line based local password manager that uses Fernet encryption to locally store your passwords.
    • Tools: Python, Docker (WIP)